Physician Testimonials

When a woman considers pelvic floor physical therapy, she deserves to see a therapist with superior pelvic floor specialty training, one who is caring and patient and will assess her as a unique individual while treating the whole person. Without exception, my patients receive excellent care at Women’s Advantage Physical Therapy.
~ Jocelyn Craig MD (Urogynecologist)

It has been my pleasure to work with the therapists at Women’s Advantage/Men’s Optimal Health PT. I am frequently referring patients who have long standing issues with pelvic pain, pelvic relaxation, or sexual dysfunction that does not respond to surgical therapy, or requires additional therapy beyond what surgery has to offer. Women’s Advantage specializes in the evaluation and therapy of patients with pelvic issues; I have found them to be consistently helpful for my patients, and my patients have routinely provided nothing but positive feedback after going for treatment or evaluation. Women’s Advantage has been a great asset to the South Bay community.
~ Fikret Atamdede MD (Gynecologic Oncologist)

The staff at Women’s Advantage have helped so many of my patients with various issues including incontinence, pregnancy pain and chronic pelvic pain and have seemingly “worked miracles” with patients I thought would continue suffering. The entire staff aids in the healing process, and they work hand in hand with the physician to develop a treatment plan that works. My patients are so grateful for the amazing care they get that I referred my family members who received equally great care.
~ Elena Rhoads MD (Obstetrics and Gynecology)

Our group (South Bay Urology) has been working with the team of PT’s at Women’s Advantage/Men’s Optimal Health for over 9 years now. I have yet to meet a patient who has not been grateful for their referral! Thank you to all the staff, for your fantastic work, professionalism and compassionate care of our patients!
~ Garrett Matsunaga MD (Urology)

We are so fortunate to have this gem in the South Bay! My clients have had really great results from working with the team at Women’s Advantage. They are professional and highly skilled in helping women improve their pelvic floor and abdominal muscles, improving their quality of life in many ways.
~ Mary Lou O’Brien CNM (Certified Nurse Midwife)

Wonderful environment! Fantastic resource for the community and the South Bay!
~ Oren Zaidel MD (Gastroenterologist)

I have worked with Jenni Gabelsberg DPT and her team at Women’s Advantage PT for almost 10 years. They have been a terrific resource for my patients. They are exceedingly capable, compassionate, and skilled. They have provided excellent care including the diagnosis of myofascial and neuropathic sources of pain and treatment of these complex pelvic pain disorders.
~ Andrea J Rapkin MD (Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology, UCLA)

I have referred patients to Women’s Advantage / Men’s Optimal Health for over 10 years. They are the South Bay’s experts in physical therapy evaluation and treatments of pelvic floor disorders, such as urinary and fecal incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse, and pelvic pain syndromes. The Physical Therapists on staff are compassionate, experienced and educated in all the newest research, and my patients report excellent results. I will continue to recommend patients to this wonderful physical therapy clinic, which is an asset to all South Bay residents.
~ Robert Reiss, MD, FACP (Clinical Professor of Internal and Family Medicine, USC)

My patients are always doubtful that their post-mastectomy stiffness and sensory changes will benefit from physical therapy. After treatment at Women’s Advantage, they are true believers in the power of therapy! The physical therapists at Women’s Advantage definitely enhance my patients’ quality of life after breast cancer reconstruction. I make them look great and Women’s Advantage makes them feel great!
~ Lisa Jewell MD (Plastic Surgery)

I have been referring patients to Women’s Advantage for evaluation and treatment of bladder and pelvic floor dysfunctions in women for quite a number of years. The feedback I get from my patients is that the experience is definitely worth the time and effort. The physical therapists at Women’s Advantage provide patients with a great degree of education and guidance through biofeedback techniques to help restore normal urinary function, with the ultimate goal of improving quality of life and delaying or eliminating the need for surgical interventions. Patients are also empowered with an understanding of their anatomy and body mechanics through pilates exercises so they can utilize “core” strengthening in their home maintenance program. I strongly believe that this type of therapy plays a valuable role in the treatment options for conditions associated with bladder and pelvic floor dysfunction.
~ Anna Mellor, MD (Primary Care Provider)

Jenni Gabelsberg and the staff at Women’s Advantage are the absolute best. They always provide our pregnant patients with the highest level of service and support.
~ Scott Naylor MD (OBGYN/Maternal Fetal Medicine, Medical Director of the Pacific Perinatal Center)

I truly appreciate the dedication and patience that Women’s Advantage PT has for our patients.  Our ladies are seen by the staff at Women’s Advantage with the most delicate and sensitive issues such as urinary incontinence, pain during sex, and postpartum muscle/pelvic relaxation, and all of them feel very well taken care of.  As an obstetrician, I always feel good referring patients to Women’s Advantage because I know they will get the best care and opportunity for recovery.  Thank you again to the physical therapists for all you do to stay up to date, patient and sensitive to our patients’ needs.
~ Zhanna Pinkus MD (Obstetrics and Gynecology)

When it comes to pelvic floor and bladder disorders, the PT team at Women’s Advantage are the experts! I have been referring patients to them for over 15 years and have never been disappointed. They are a much needed asset to the medical community!
~ Tracey Bailey (Doctor of Oriental Medicine and Licensed Acupuncturist)

I personally love having Women’s Advantage in our community. What an asset for our patients! I receive nothing but great, positive feedback from all of our patients. Especially, after they have tried several other medications and therapies and finally have found relief with physical therapy. Women’s Advantage works wonders with postpartum patients too!
~ Rose Mary Mosher RNP (Obstetrics and Gynecology Nurse Practitioner)

Thank you for the improvement you have helped make possible in our patients over the years!
~ Barbara Schulz MD (Obstetrics and Gynecology)

I truly appreciate the service Women’s Advantage provides to our patients. They are awesome!
~ Latrice Allen MD (Obstetrics and Gynecology)

Women’s Advantage provides a service which I think is essential for every woman. It improves their quality of life and reduces the need for surgical interventions.
~ Mona Ramaney MD (Gynecology)

Women’s Advantage / Men’s Optimal Health PT has successfully treated a number of my patients for various types of incontinence with good results. I continue to refer such patients and they are very happy with their results. There is no similar program of which I am aware of locally.
~ Thomas LaGrelius MD (Geriatric Medicine)

The physical therapists at Women’s Advantage have worked wonders with many of my patients suffering from genital prolapse to the extent that many have avoided surgical intervention with physical therapy alone.
~ James Scharffenberger MD (Obstetrics and Gynecology)

As a gastroenterologist who treats very difficult cases of constipation, I highly recommend Women’s Advantage-Men’s Optimal Health for specialized physical therapy and biofeedback. On several occasions already, Jenni and her skilled staff were able to help my patients who had struggled with constipation and pelvic inertia for years. I plan to continue referring patients for their services as complementary care to medical therapy.
~ Doron Kahana MD (pediatric gastroenterologist)

As the founder and director of the Female Sexual Medicine Center at UCLA, author and host of a popular women’s health television show, it is of the utmost importance that my patients receive the highest quality of care possible. It is this reason that I chose the physical therapists at Women’s Advantage to refer patients to for pelvic pain issues.

I believe that with the proper instruction and education, women who suffer with the symptoms of urinary incontinence and pelvic pain can benefit greatly. They experience an improvement in their quality of life, including being able to return to their normal activities without the embarrassment and anxiety related to leaking. My patients who have participated in physical therapy at Women’s Advantage Physical Therapy have shown significant improvement, some with 100% elimination of their complaints.

The opportunity for women who suffer from incontinence to participate in the program should not be missed.
~ Jennifer R. Berman, MD

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