My gynecologist diagnosed my discomfort to be a prolapsed bladder and resulted in a referral to Women’s Advantage Inc for therapy.

I approached this therapy with reluctance.  I expected little or no help.

To my eternal gratitude, I was treated as an individual, being carefully listened to as I described my discomforts.  Then, I was shown not only the correct exercises; but charts to show exactly what we were working to improve.  This was done on a professional, but personal, level immediately encouraging my cooperation and expectations.

Shortly, my discomforts lessened dramatically – but the care level of my therapists did not diminish, but remained intense and caring until I was able to control my condition on my own.

Thank you and bravo to those whose diligence in their profession have helped so many in need.

~ Barbara, Age 73

After years of working as a labor and delivery nurse and unconsciously bearing down while encouraging my patients to push during labor, I found I was starting to develop a painful cystocele (dropped bladder). I feared I would need surgery to correct the condition.  After eight weeks of treatment at Women’s Advantage the cystocele improved so significantly that I am now completely painfree!

~ Paula, Registered Nurse, Age 43

After a few weeks of simple exercises, I was amazed at my progress.  As a nurse practitioner specializing in women’s health, I am definitely an advocate of the power of exercise to help avoid surgery and improve quality of life!

~ Kate, Certified Nurse Practitioner, Age 38

I was sent to Women’s Advantage PT after I was diagnosed with a vaginal prolapse. The exercises that were given to me helped strengthen my abdominal and pelvic floor muscles. There was great improvement over my treatment sessions. The friendly and professional approach of the physical therapist made it easy for me to come to PT and complete the sessions.  I would recommend this therapy to anyone with the same problem!

~ Evelyn, Age 80

Thanks to Women’s Advantage PT for all their help and emotional support.  I came to PT a sleep deprived new mommy with very poor bladder control and an anatomy that I no longer recognized as my own.  I was encouraged to believe that I would eventually get my body back and was given the tools to accomplish this task.

The staff was so patient with me. They took the time to explain what a rectocele (dropped rectum) is and why I was also having trouble controlling my urine flow. They helped me feel that although these problems don’t plague all the postpartum moms, I was certainly not a “freak.”

The program was easy to follow and gradually I can feel myself getting stronger.  I still have some work to do, but at least I am not always looking for the nearest restroom “just in case.” Most importantly, I no longer fear sneezing, coughing or laughing.

I was made comfortable in a situation that was extremely embarrassing for me.  The staff was supportive and kind and has truly made a significant impact on my postpartum recovery. Thank you!

~ Melissa, Age 35

Thanks for the expert help and guidance in relieving my prolapse problem!  I have seen my doctor since I finished the program and she could see a marked improvement.  Surgery has been avoided!

I found my sessions with my physical therapist to be pleasant and very instructive.  The exercises do not take too long and are not difficult. An added bonus to the program is that my stomach is notably flatter and firmer!  That’s an amazing thing for someone 61 years old!

~ Peggy, Age 61

Absolutely wonderful staff and programs! Every woman should train with Women’s Advantage….train those neglected but vital muscles!

~ Betty, Age 57