Pregnancy and Postpartum Conditions

My name is Paula.  I am a 36 year old mother of two. During my second pregnancy I had sciatic pain that was so bad I literally could not walk.  After a month of chiropractic visits and no relief, I received a recommendation to go to Women’s Advantage PT.  After two visits I was walking again.  The two days a week I committed to physical therapy made it possible for me to complete my pregnancy pain free.  I recommend Women’s Advantage PT to everyone I come across with women’s health issues as it relates to physical therapy.

~ Paula, Age 36

I began my physical therapy experience with Women’s Advantage PT feeling a loss of control due to the chronic and sometimes high level of pain I was having in the second trimester of pregnancy.  The knowledge I gained about my body’s changes due to pregnancy inspired me to implement the exercises and gain relief in a very short amount of time. I am very grateful to the staff at Women’s Advantage for their excellent professional and personnel style, along with the know how to put me in charge of my body (and baby) again!  Thank you!

~ Rebecca, Age 42

There are a lot of things people don’t tell you about childbirth and one of them is postpartum leakage issues! I was a big runner before having my baby and was disappointed to only be able to run a mile or two after the birth of my son before I would experience leakage problems.  I talked to my doctor who recommended seeing a physical therapist at Women’s Advantage PT. The visits there and the exercises given made all the difference!  I am happy to report I recently ran a ½ marathon without any urinary problems!  Thank you!

~ Suzanne, Age 34

I am so happy to have found Women’s Advantage Physical Therapy! After having two children I began experiencing severe upper back pain and was diagnosed by my doctor with a three finger width diastasis recti.  I was told there was not much that could be done about the separation and I would need surgery to re-attach those muscles to take the pressure off my upper back.  I was not sure what I could do but knew I should try to do something before going under the knife, so I asked around and heard glorious recommendations about Women’s Advantage PT and their expertise in postpartum physical therapy. I am thrilled to report that after about 5 months of sessions with my PT, my diastasis has recovered to below what is considered normal.  My PT also addressed other problems I was having including correcting my posture, I now feel so much stronger and pain free! I could not be happier and have impressed my doctor who thought that surgery was my only option; in fact, she was so impressed that she has started referring other patients to Women’s Advantage PT as well.  I have and will continue to recommend this clinic to anyone who is looking for a miracle through physical therapy!

~ Jill, Age 32

The service is the best! Women’s Advantage physical therapy has helped me so much especially because I was a new mom with pain.  They accommodated my baby to be with me at all times.  They are so flexible on the visits as well as with my concerns and worries and the outcome was great.  My C section scar is amost gone and the personalized treatment was the best! Thanks Women’s Advantage!

~ Marina, Age 31

I was referred to physical therapy for the separation of my abdominal muscles after pregnancy.  I was shown several simple exercises over the course of three visits.  I quickly saw results in my abdomen.  I continue to use the exercises to strengthen the core of my body.  My physical therapist has an excellent bedside manner, making the experience very pleasant.

~ Jill, Age 33

My name is Cynthia and I am a 23 year old mother of two.  I have a five year old and a five month old.  After the birth of my first son, I noticed major changes in the way my pelvic area functioned, including urine leakage during such things as coughing, laughing hard, or sneezing.  I also suffered extreme anxiety before intercourse for fear of “not being the same down there,” which was partially true, making my anxiety all the worse.  I was told I could do Kegel exercises, but not much more.

After my second son was born I asked my obstetrician about this in hopes she might have some information and, thankfully, she referred me to Women’s Advantage PT, and since treating with them I have improved tremendously.  When I met my PT, I did not know if I could be helped, since I had not one but two vaginal births, and had the problem for nearly five years already.

I treated with my PT for about three months doing exercises in the clinic and at home as she had outlined for me.  I am happy to say that the leaks literally stopped and I am more confident of my body than I have been since I was a newlywed! My husband is thankful as well!

I have recommended Women’s Advantage PT to many friends and family who have mentioned this “delicate” problem to me.  I would recommend it to anyone seeking help in this area.

~ Cynthia, Age 23

I went to Women’s Advantage about six months after the birth of my first child.  I could tell that my incontinence issues were becoming worse and I did not want to take medications because I was still breastfeeding.  I was pleased to find that the exercise program given to me was simple to follow and taught me the proper way to rebuild my pelvic floor muscles and the program was gradual and methodical.  I noticed progress every week, and am now free of any embarrassing symptoms! I continue to follow the program on a lesser scale to maintain my strength and prevent any fear of recurrence. I am so grateful to have found this program!

~ Christina, Age 32

My name is Kim and I am 31 years old. When I gave birth to my son 6 years ago I had an extremely traumatic delivery where I suffered from stage 4 tearing of my pelvic floor muscles. As a result, I have been living with pelvic floor dysfunction, a condition in which I swell and suffer from pain and pressure.  Until I started coming to Women’s Advantage PT, I thought I had no option but to accept my pain and live with my condition.  Much to my surprise I was wrong! My physical therapist worked with me over the course of several weeks and showed me exercises that improved my condition dramatically.  I now do not suffer from my pelvic floor pain at all and the pressure I once felt is now gone! The staff at Women’s Advantage PT is warm, caring and compassionate. They are extremely professional and knowledgeable in their field. My visits were always a pleasure and I am so grateful to have found their help and expertise. Many thanks!

~ Kim, Age 31

Women’s Advantage Physical Therapy was instrumental in helping me to regain back my quality of life.  After childbirth, I was having extreme pain in my tailbone area that pretty much never subsided.  It hurt to sit, walk and carry anything (including my 7 lb. newborn).  After visiting a chiropractor, obstetrician, orthopedic surgeon and two bouts with other physical therapists – nothing was helping to alleviate any of the pain.  After my very first visit to Women’s Advantage my pain level went from an 8 to a 4 and lasted three whole days!  After about 3 weeks of treatments, the pain had completely vanished!  I dealt with this for 6 months!  I wish I had discovered Women’s Advantage much sooner!

~ April, Age 38