After having thirty straight days of radiation, I found myself not being able to control my urinary tract system.  With the referral from my internist I went for physical therapy.

At first it was somewhat embarrassing, but my physical therapist’s gentle and professional manner made my visits very comfortable.  By the end of my scheduled appointments I found myself back in control.

I would recommend Women’s Advantage PT to anyone who might experience this type of medical issue. I also recommended the clinic to my radiologist for his future patients suffering from radiation complications.

~ Sandra, Age 55

My name is Angel and I am 65 years old.  Since November 1996 I was treated with radiation after I had my cancerous prostate removed.  As a consequence of radiation, I began to have urine incontinence, which won’t be controlled with any conventional medicine. So I suffered from urine leakage for about eight years, until by the advice of Dr Robert Reiss, I visited Women’s Advantage PT for some physical therapy sessions and as soon as I started with exercises and restriction in some meals she recommended, there was significant relief that continued to improve increasingly for the 12 sessions the treatment lasted. At the last session I received a maintenance program that I continue to do with 90% control of in the incontinence as a result.

For this, I wholeheartedly recommend physical therapy treatment at Women’s Advantage PT, to cure or at least improve – 90% control of urine incontinence after radiation!

~ Angel, Age 65

In 2007, I was diagnosed with both bladder and endometrial cancer.  After the bladder tumors were removed, I had a hysterectomy, which left a scar across my abdomen along my “bikini” line. In January of 2008, I was operated on to take biopsies of many lymph nodes, my bladder and my peritoneal fluid to check for any metastasis.  I was left with another scar from my pelvic bone to my navel.

The results of my biopsies were wonderful, but the damage done by the surgeries was unfortunately extensive. Because of how my body reacted, I was left with multiple adhesions throughout my abdomen. My intestines, colon and interior organs were being held together by scar tissue in many areas. It was painful and affected my intestinal system extensively.

In 2011 I was referred to Women’s Advantage PT.  I had just learned what PT could do for situations like mine.  For three years I had thought I would have to live with my painful issues.  When I was treated by my physical therapist, she was truly a gift to my health. She helped me understand what adhesions were and why they were affecting my abdomen so negatively. Her therapy worked to release the scar tissue in my abdomen and give it the ability to move normally. She was also able to ease the tightness in my pelvic floor muscles, which freed me from pain during intercourse. She helped me to understand that the conditions I was struggling with were common after the types of surgery I had experienced. I know now that there are many women who would benefit from this type of physical therapy after surgeries, childbirth and C sections.

My physical therapist has changed my life. Her competence in diagnosing and solving problems is exemplary. Her technique is gentle and extremely effective. Her ability to help me understand what was happening with my body was very important to me. I am the type of patient who wants to know everything and she is an excellent teacher. Being pain free has made a dramatic difference in my life and I am very grateful for my therapist’s expertise and commitment to healing me completely.

The staff members at Women’s Advantage are excellent.  The assistants are supportive, well educated, and very committed to helping their patients.  The office staff is extremely efficient and has completely taken care of processing all my medical claims.  Of all the medical offices where I have been treated these group of women are the most pleasant, competent and professional by far.

~ Shelly, Age 56

After having colorectal surgery and chemotherapy for colon cancer, my digestion and bowel changed drastically from frequent bathroom visits to constipation and everything in between.  These problems interfered with my daily life and caused stress in ways you would never imagine! My GI doctor referred me to Women’s Advantage for therapy.  I did not know what to expect and had no idea if my problems could be addresses or resolved, but I was desperate to do something!

My physical therapist gave me a better understanding on how the bowels work and ways that I can improve digestion and elimination thought diet and simple exercises. She also made me feel very comfortable in discussing this topic which can be embarrassing and uncomfortable.  I now know that I can learn to control my issues and have more confidence in my daily life!  I totally recommend Women’s Advantage!

~ Regina, Age 52