Chronic Pain Conditions

Women’s Advantage was a godsend.  From the moment I entered their care, I felt supported, understood and like I was in capable hands.  Throughout my therapy, I became more and more impressed with the efficiency and knowledge of the staff, and could feel the tangible results of their efforts continuously.  Before entering their care, I battled constant pain and found myself unable to participate in all the activities I’d like.  I now live a relatively pain-free existence, and have been given the tools to stay that way.

~ Laila, Age 37

I had experienced pelvic pain for over two years. I went to many doctors and no one really knew what it was. I was very much in pain and scared because I am only twenty-two years old.  Well finally, I got a prescription to go to physical therapy. Even just the first couple of weeks, I noticed a great difference.  It was a great experience and it took so much of the pain away.  It is so amazing how much it has helped me!

~ Danielle, Age 22

My experience with physical therapy was been very positive.  Women’s Advantage staff members have always been very professional and caring given the sensitivity of area of treatment. I felt like I was at the end of my road, did not know if I would ever be free of my pelvic pain.  The combination of therapy, electrical stimulation and home exercises taught during visits, has delivered me to the road of recovery. Thank you very much!

~ Valerie, Age 31

After years of pelvic pain and incontinence I felt there would never be a good solution and I feared I would be bound to this problem forever.  I began physical therapy treatment at Women’s Advantage PT and both the pain and the embarrassing incontinence were resolved in a few short weeks WITHOUT surgery or medication.  I cannot explain the amazing difference this program has made in my life. Finally, a pain free life!

~ Illania, Age 40

I have been experiencing pelvic pain during intercourse for several years.  After having discussed the issue with several OBGYN’s I was led to believe that this discomfort was “not uncommon” but no treatment was ever offered other than advice to reduce stress.  It was disheartening to feel that I would not experience pain-free intercourse.

I was fortunate enough to be referred to Women’s Advantage PT through my new OBGYN who happened to  be a woman.  My new doctor was very familiar with this complaint and felt Women’s Advantage PT could help me.

My therapist was able to take a very personal problem and help me focus on specific goals and exercises, but most importantly, hope.  Surprisingly I felt results in less than one week and within one month felt a significant reduction in pain.  I am grateful to her for being so supportive in helping me get my life back.

~ Karen, Age 35

Chronic pelvic pain and urinary frequency are scary.  They are difficult to live with and sensitive subjects to discuss with a stranger.  I am grateful that my PT was a compassionate, well-informed healer.  She listened, observed and knew how to help me, allowing me to confide in her and to keep my dignity though I had many fears.

~ Jill, Age 49

I worked with Women’s Advantage PT for pelvic pain.  I feel lucky to have found them!  After searching for answers with multiple doctors and receiving multiple diagnoses (all incorrect), I was so frustrated and alone.  My PT finally put a name and treatment plan to my problem, and within a few months, I began to feel better. Her calm, reassuring demeanor and excellent clinical skills instantly put me at ease, and most importantly, she instills HOPE in you.  Hope that you can and will get better, that there is someone who understands these very private and difficult problems, and that you are not alone. My therapist was always up to date on the latest research and advances, and educates her clients accordingly. Living with chronic pain is devastating to your mood, confidence and sense of self.  The physical therapy treatments immensely helped me both physically and emotionally.  I am forever grateful for my therapist’s commitment and passion and would strongly recommend her services to anyone searching for relief and understanding.

~ Ann, Age 42

When I first came to the physical therapy program for urinary incontinence and pelvic pain, I was very apprehensive and embarrassed.  After a few sessions I began to see progress and results. This physical therapy program has allowed me to get control over my situation and helped restore my confidence.

~ Catherine, Age 47

Everything was perfect from the moment I walked into the office to my treatment times.  My physical therapist made me feel very comfortable and knew the core to my problem right away.  Treatment took some time, as expected, and it was worth the wait.  I am doing so much better!  Anyone with pain should take the step and make an appointment.

~ Stephanie, Age 16

Women’s Advantage PT has provided a tremendous service.  My physical therapist has been able to decrease my pelvic pain very, very significantly. I believe with the consistency of the exercises, my pain will eventually be eliminated. The staff’s manner is so professional and so inspiring….they put you at ease in what could be an embarrassing situation and really make you believe and see your progress.

~ Meredith, Age 34

My physical therapy experience was very comfortable. I felt like a different person when I left the office. I was extremely pleased with my physical therapist’s down to earth but professional attitude toward me and my treatments.

~ Shelia, Age 33

I have abdominal and pelvic muscle spasms.  I have seen many doctors and therapists, but no one has been able to help me like the staff at Women’s Advantage PT. Most clinicians do not know what to do when I tell them that I have severe abdominal muscle spasms.  My therapist not only is able to understand what I am saying, but also diagnosed pelvic floor dysfunction.  She is the only one who has been able to relax my muscles spasms without medications.  Regardless of the amount of pain, she is always able to make me feel better and I continue to improve!  Thank you!

~ Nicki, Age 54

One year ago this week I walked into Women’s Advantage PT a bit uncertain, somewhat embarrassed and most of all desperate for help and answers. I was introduced to your staff and my journey to health began!

I cannot thank you enough for your kindness, caring and concern every week as I came for therapy. You ALL provide a welcoming environment that made my therapy and now my maintenance program something to look forward to.  It feels like a place of belonging here.

I am forever grateful for all of you who have supported my journey in thought, word and deed.  You may not realize it, but you touch lives profoundly everyday.

~ Robin, age 51