I just want to thank you for all the encouragement given to me along the way with your very clear instructions when Dr. Stuart Grant referred me to you.  I am so happy to report that I am doing very well with the maintenance program.  For motivation to continue consistently with the exercises I only have to remind myself of how miserable I was with the previous long standing symptoms of fecal incontinence.  It is wonderful to now be able to pursue every day activities anywhere and to feel “normal”. Know that you are definitely ‘making a difference’!

~ Marjorie, Age 76

I was desperate when I walked into the Women’s Advantage PT waiting room.  I have rectal incontinence and I thought nothing could help me, except maybe a zipper.  But after eight weeks of special exercises, I am a new person.  I no longer have to buy toilet paper every time I shop at the supermarket.  I no longer look for the bathroom before I do anything else.

I am 72 years old but their exercises really do work. I am very careful to follow all the instructions and even do a few extra repetitions because I am so happy to be in control now.  The time it takes to do these exercises is time well spent.

I thank my doctor for recommending Women’s Advantage to me, because I didn’t know anything like this therapy existed and it is so easy when you know how!

~ Nancy, Age 72

I had a very positive experience with physical therapy. The exercises targeted the key muscles much more effectively than the seemingly endless “Kegels” I had been doing before I came to PT.  The bowel urgency I had been experiencing was almost completely gone within a few weeks, and I saw noticeable improvement in all my other urinary incontinence symptoms over the next couple months. I was also taught how to recognize the signs of fatigue and adjust the program to my current needs, which I have found very helpful as I continue the exercises on my own.

~ Sarah, Age 28

Originally I was referred to Women’s Advantage / Men’s Optimal Health for a prolapsed bladder.  Thanks to a great program of exercises, pilates and biofeedback, my prolapsed is under control.  No surgery needed! I was empowered to become proactive in my health!

This past summer, I was hospitalized with severe constipation and a blocked colon.  When I left the hospital, I was discouraged, because I had been given “band aids” as a treatment! Women’s Advantage offered me a proactive course of treatment.  Colon massage, under a highly competent physical therapist, biofeedback, diet and education about how ’the gut’ works, have made a tremendous change in my lifestyle! Once again I am in charge of my health.  I am grateful to these dedicated, highly trained professionals, who offer patients an alternative to reaching our optimal health goals!

~ Jan, Age 67