Bladder Dysfunction

It was a joke in high school to see if my friend’s mom would have to run madly to the restroom when we got her laughing too hard.  It was not so funny after my second child and I was the one doing the mad dash. With simple exercises and encouragement from my physical therapist at Women’s Advantage PT, I was shown that what many believe is their post partum fate is actually a treatable condition.

~ Jenn, Age 31

My only regret is that I wish I was advised in my younger years that exercises should be practiced after giving birth to a child, and continued, so that in our later years we could hopefully be relieved of the burden of incontinence.  Do you suppose that could be part of the “strong advice” given to women patients by gynecologists who deliver babies?

~ Kiyoko, Age 66

I have had bladder problems for many, many years.  It affected everything – my job, my exercise routines, my vacations, etc .  It led to deep sadness because no matter where I went, the problem only continued to get worse.

Through physical therapy, exercises at home, and my physical therapist’s guidance, I have a life again.  I am forever grateful for the treatment.

~ Colleen, Age 30

Thanks so much for helping me, through exercises, take control of my own body and rid myself of incontinence. At 83 years of age I like learning something new, especially when the knowledge makes my life more joyful!

~ Mem, Age 83

The many and varied exercises and suggestions gradually  introduced over several weeks by my physical therapist eventually led to a substantial decrease in my urinary problems.  Her patience, understanding and personal approach helped tremendously in a very delicate situation.

~ Robert, Age 62

I can’t thank Women’s Advantage PT enough for their program! It is hard to believe a few simple exercises, done every day, could bring such a change.  Now I have taken charge of my life, without fear of ‘that’ embarrassing problem.  I am 78 and have a lot of living to do! Thank you again.

~ Barbara, Age 78

My name is Suzanne and I am 49 years old.  Before starting therapy, I was on a ’45 minute bladder.  This meant that I felt like I had to urinate almost every hour.  To make matters worse on my way to  the bathroom, I often experienced leakage, as I could not control the urge to urinate.  I found that I had to use 2-3 heavy-duty pads daily so I would not ruin my clothes or be embarrassed.

By going to therapy, I was able to control the urge of constantly feeling like I had to urinate. The exercises really worked, and the ‘mind over matter’ techniques were invaluable.  I can honestly say that I improved within weeks of commencing therapy.  I feel confident that I can control the urges. I no longer experience any leakage due to sneezing, coughing or while en-route to the bathroom.

This therapy has made a difference in the quality of my life.

~ Susanne, Age 49

A nasty case of bronchitis led to the discovery of stress incontinence. Although I am still in my forties, I took the advice of my doctor and sought physical therapy.  With some work, I could strengthen my pelvic muscles and not only alleviate the current problem but perhaps avoid a more long-term problem as well.

I am happy that I invested the time early.  I have watched my 75 year old mother deal with the problem of incontinence for a number of years. I am hopeful that my efforts now will save me a lot of the discomfort and procedures she has endured.  The physical therapy itself does not take that long although it is surprisingly a good workout for the muscles used.  These exercises are easy to keep up and I am sure the benefits will be well worth the minor investment.  I am more knowledgeable and more aware.

~ Randy, Age 47

Women’s Advantage Physical Therapy taught me that urinary incontinence and a lessening of sexual pleasure are not an incurable result of the aging process.  They educate each woman according to her individual needs using exercise techniques and biofeedback to optimize functioning and strength in the pelvic floor muscles.  Twenty years after having children, after a few months of physical therapy, I have regained the strength in my pelvic floor and core muscles.  I just wish I had known about this option after giving birth.  More women need to know about Women’s Advantage PT!

~ Nancy, Age 51

I wanted to thank Women’s Advantage PT for their support and encouragement during my biofeedback sessions. Their knowledge and positive attitude helped me tremendously, especially at a time when I was very discouraged and disappointed.

After having undergone bladder surgery the previous spring, and not receiving the results I had so  hoped for, my urologist referred me to Women’s Advantage PT.  She assured me that they would be able to help resolve the residual problems I had, namely urinary incontinence and urgency. Having little knowledge of biofeedback, I was very skeptical and did not really think anything would help me except additional surgery. Since surgery was not an option I wished to consider, I contacted Women’s Advantage and scheduled my first appointment. I came into your office with blinders on and left with my eyes wide open.  The expertise and in depth knowledge of my particular problem was extensive.  I was assured that biofeedback, along with a commitment from me to follow the exercise program, would eventually return me to the lifestyle I was looking for – and it has!

I forced myself to slow down long enough to do my exercises and actually enjoyed the time I allowed for myself.  During the eight weeks of biofeedback, I slowly began to notice a great deal of improvement. Today I continue to do my maintenance program and my body continues to respond in a positive way, with only rare occasions of incontinence or urgency. It has not been a quick fix nor did I ever expect it to be one, however, with the guidance and encouragement I received , I am now able to cough, laugh, run, lift and sneeze without leaking!  Yeah!

Thank you again for helping me enjoy life as I once knew it! I would encourage anyone who has these types of problems to give PT and biofeedback a try – as it has definitely changed my life for the better!

~ Candace, Age 48

Too often these days, we turn to physicians and ask for a pill or surgery to correct a problem that can be best corrected by a simple effort on our part. Women’s Advantage PT made the simple effort on my part really pay off in correcting my problem with urinary incontinence. The simple exercises provided enabled me to completely correct my problem within 6 weeks time.  I am pleased to be ‘back in control’.  I have no need for pads and I have no anxiety about ‘accidents”.

The program provided was clear, easy to follow, and had added benefits of flattening my tummy, firming my gluteals and decreasing my urinary frequency.  I look forward to a lifetime of being able to manage this on my own, without the assistance of pharmaceuticals or surgical intervention.

~ Linda, Age 53

I was very skeptical about this kind of physical therapy, but desperate enough to give it a try.  After several sessions, along with recommended dietary changes, I noticed much progress.  By the time I finished the sessions, I was able to resume a more normal lifestyle.  The staff at Women’s Advantage were wonderful to work with!

~ Charlotte, Age 46

My name is Sheryl and I have just recently turned 65.  I know many milestones like signing up for Social Security and Medicare mark such an age.  In my case it also means I, with my husband, will be retiring. These are things I know with my brain, but my spirit cannot believe the years have passed so quickly.  Over the past couple years I have experienced increasing difficulties with urinary incontinence.  I was anxious about this predicament, especially when hearing things like this are not normal at any age.  I was very grateful that my physician shared an alternative through physical therapy. I called Women’s Advantage and could get an appointment very quickly. I was very  hopeful the program would resolve my problems; therefore I was committed to it.  The exercises were very doable.  Even before the program was completed I experienced success.  Now, two months following the program, my success continues!  I highly recommend this as a really good alternative to medication!

~ Sheryl, Age 65

I am truly amazed at how much my stress incontinence has improved as a result of doing simple yet very effective exercises.  I must admit that I could not have succeeded without the sequential instruction.  Now I even laugh without fear!

~ Sandy, Age 60

Out of all the specialists I have seen, my therapist at Women’s Advantage PT is the only one who was able to explain to me exactly what was going on with my body.  The expertise and enthusiasm for what they do is very special.  I will continue to recommend this clinic to everyone I  know who needs help with problems similar to mine!  Thank you again!

~ Kate, Age 42

I have suffered from stress incontinence for almost 20 years since the birth of my children.  Stress incontinence is not something widely talked about, and I found that even my mother was reluctant to discuss it.  As my condition worsened, I began to try different therapies to find some relief.  I took pills and suffered side effects until I could not tell which was worse, having the incontinence episodes or dealing with the way the drugs made me feel.

I contemplated surgery, but did not want to have such an invasive procedure. Finally, I went to a physician that referred me to Women’s Advantage PT. Although I was skeptical, I went and began my individualized treatment program recommended by my therapist and within two weeks I experienced major difference!  I still remember being surprised that nothing happened when I sneezed the first time after starting the program! After completing my therapy, I go through my entire day without even thinking about having an accident.  This program changed my life!

~ Lori, Age 47

As an active, healthy 43 year old woman, I never expected to have incontinence issues.  A sneeze, cough, weight training or even dancing would trigger an embarrassing leak.  The treatment I received at Women’s Advantage Physical Therapy gave me the confidence to go out in public without pads after just two weeks! I discontinued my medication for ‘overactive bladder’ and began to feel normal again for the first time in eight years! I am now confident enough to go to the gym, the grocery store, or anywhere without thinking twice! Thank you!

~ Donnelle, Age 43

I cannot thank you enough for giving me my life back!  This sounds so dramatic but true.  I literally would not go somewhere because I feared that I would not make it to a restroom in time. I would not travel with my family by car to see my sister-in-law who lives in Sacramento.  Traveling from LA to Sacramento meant that I would need to stop every  hour.  This was such a bother and I felt that this problem had made me a prisoner in my own home.  I know every restroom in every mall in our area.  I would stop at a nice hotel just to use a clean restroom.

I am so glad that my gynecologist, Dr Lisa Fisher, recommended coming to Women’s Advantage PT. The staff is easy going, easy to talk to and I was very comfortable with their sincere, caring questions. The exercises were easy and the dietary changes much needed.

I now do not have to plan my day around the ‘potty breaks’.  I feel so comfortable about just getting in the car without even going to the restroom first.  This was a must before physical therapy. This program has changed my life.  I am really enjoying the freedom! I just cannot thank Women’s Advantage PT enough!  Unless someone has been in this situation, they would  not understand how debilitating urinary incontinence can be.

~ Shanna, Age 49

After many years of minor urinary incontinence I realized that the condition was getting much worse as time went on and that I needed to find a way to manage this condition.  With the incredible knowledge of the problem, considerate guidance, and consistent effort of my physical therapist, and the biofeedback approach to physical therapy, I have been able to achieve my goal of once again being in control of my body.  It took action, time and effort on my part, but I feel so rewarded with the results!

~ Marlene, Age 66

I never knew that physical therapy was an option for my condition.  I learned how the muscles in the pelvis work and why I was having difficulty with urgency and incontinence.  The exercises were easy to do, once I learned how to do them, and effective.  I have given up panty liners and can laugh with confidence!

~ Nancy, Age 71

The therapy has made a huge difference in my life! I used to constantly use the bathroom – every time I left the house I would have to find a restroom as soon as I got anywhere – even though I had just urinated just before leaving my house! I had also given up jogging due to leakage.  Now I have started running again with no problems at all!  The results have been amazing!

~ Lisa, Age 38