Sarah Pizzey, MPT

About Sarah:

Goal driven.  Since I was young if I set my eyes on a goal I would strive to meet it.  My first goal out of high school was to become a marine biologist, and my first career was in marine mammal training.  Although I loved acting as an animal ambassador, teaching the public about several amazing ocean species, it was ultimately not the right fit for me.  This is when I set my next goal, to become a physical therapist.  This was one of the best decisions I made, as the field of PT offers the opportunity to make an impact on a variety of people.  Although I started as an orthopedic therapist, my two passions in PT turned out to be pelvic rehab and pediatrics.  As a mother of two children, I have a special interest in both postpartum women as well as helping children with bowel and bladder dysfunction.  

Ambassador of a different sort. For many people understanding their pelvic floor is like learning a new language.  As these muscles are hidden, most people need to learn how to engage and coordinate these special structures.  However once the connections are made, the benefits are great and can be life changing.  I would like you to think of me as an ambassador to your body, teaching you how to achieve your own goals for return to optimal function, balance, and performance.

When I’m not working, you will find me with my husband and two sons.  We love walking or biking along the beach, visiting the aquarium, going to Disneyland, or taking a weekend trip to the mountains for fresh air and trees.