Jenni Gabelsberg CV

Jennifer Johnson Gabelsberg PT, DPT, MSc, MTC, WCS, BCB-PMD

Clinical Practice
Women’s Advantage/Men’s Optimal Health Physical Therapy
20911 Earl Street, Suite 300
Torrance, CA 90503
310-370-1200 (phone)
310-370-1233 (fax)

*National speaker, consultant, trainer and instructor in all aspects of pelvic floor rehabilitation.

*Owner of physical therapy private practice 2001-present specializing in evaluation and treatments of female and male pelvic floor dysfunctions such as urinary and fecal incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse, pelvic pain syndromes, obstetric orthopedic concerns, breast and urogynecologic oncology rehab, pediatric bowel and bladder and gynecologic oncology rehab.


Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy, University of Vermont, 1994

Masters of Science in Orthopedic Physical Therapy, University of St Augustine for Health Sciences, 1998

Doctor of Physical Therapy, University of St Augustine for Health Sciences, 1999

Certifications and Licenses:

*California State Licensed PT20633 1995 to present

*Manual Therapy Certified, Univ of St Augustine for Health Sciences, 1995

*Biofeedback Certification Institute of America, Pelvic Muscle Dysfunction Biofeedback, Certificate #P5017

*Board Certified Clinical Specialist in Women’s Health, ABPTS, 2009


Certificate for Outstanding Service from SouthBay Family Healthcare Center, 2003.

Professional Memberships:

American Physical Therapy Association, 1994 to present

Member Sections on Women’s Health and Private Practice

Member Male Pelvic Pain special interest group

California Physical Therapy Association

National Vulvodynia Association

International Pelvic Pain Society

American Urogynecologic Society

Teaching Positions:

Faculty Position with Herman Wallace Pelvic Rehab Institute for nationwide continuing education instruction, 2005 to present

*Pelvic Rehabilitation: Course Intensive, Alvarado Hospital, San Diego, CA, April 2011

* Pelvic Rehabilitation: Course Intensive, PeaceHealth Southwest Medical Center, Vancouver, WA, August 19-22, 2011

*Pregnancy and Postpartum: Clinical Highlights, Naperville, IL, April 21-22, 2012

*Pelvic Floor Evaluation and Treatment (PF1), Burbank, CA, May 18-20, 2012

*Pregnancy and Postpartum: Clinical Highlights, Seattle, WA, September 22-23, 2012

*Care of the Pregnant Patients, San Diego, CA, February 2-3, 2013

*Care of the Postpartum Patient, San Diego, CA, April 27-28, 2013

*Peripartum Special Topics, San Diego, CA, October 5-6, 2013

* Pelvic Floor Evaluation and Treatment (PF1), San Francisco, CA, October 18-20, 2013

*Care of the Postpartum Patient, Oakland, CA, March 29-30, 2014

* Pelvic Floor Evaluation and Treatment (PF1), Durham, NC, April 25-27, 2014

Teaching Assistant for Herman Wallace Pelvic Rehab Institute 2006-2011

*Female Pelvic Floor Function, Dysfunction and Treatment, Level One, San Diego, CA, October 20-22, 2006

* Pelvic Floor Function, Dysfunction and Treatment, Level 2B, Prometheus/HW, Mission Viejo, CA, Feb 9-11, 2007, 21.25 hours

* Pelvic Floor Function, Dysfunction and Treatment, Level  2A, Prometheus/HW, Mission Viejo, CA, May 18-20, 2007, 21.5 hours

* Pelvic Floor Function, Dysfunction and Treatment, Level 3, Prometheus/HW, Mission Viejo, CA, Oct 12-14, 2007, 20 hours

*Pelvic Girdle and Pelvic Floor for the Physical Therapist, Prometheus Group. San Diego, CA, Jan 26-27, 2008, 14 hours

*Pregnancy and Postpartum Clinical Highlights, HW, Seattle, WA, June 5-6, 2010, 15 hours

*Pediatric Pelvic Floor Dysfunction and Incontinence, Prometheus Group, Kansas City, MO, Aug 28-29, 2010, 15 hours

*Pelvic Floor Function, Dysfunction and Treatment, Level 2A, HW, San Diego, CA, May 13-15, 2011, 22.5 hours

Local Teaching Invitations:

Postpartum Rehab for Bright Beginnings and Beyond Mommy and Me classes, age 0-6 month and age 6-12 month age groups, Redondo Beach, CA, twice per year 2009-2012

Beyond Kegels class for Beach Cities Health District, Redondo Beach, CA, given quarterly from 2001-2009

Bone Building Exercises for South Bay Osteoporosis Support Group

Postpartum Rehab for Bright Beginnings at the Nest, Hermosa Beach, CA, 2013 to present

What is Women’s Health PT? for Veterans Administration PCP and Women’s Health Dept in Long Beach, CA, spring 2013

Pelvic Floor Anatomy and Function course for California State University Long Beach Physical Therapy Dept Graduate Students

Pelvic Floor and Childbirth Considerations for the Doulas of the South Bay, Torrance, CA

Running Techniques and Active Stretching for Girls on the Run Los Angeles, LA, CA, September 6, 2014

Previous Employment

Skypark Physical Therapy, 1995-2004, Director of Physical Therapy for an outpatient orthopedic PT practice, Torrance, CA

Overland Therapy Services, 1994-1995, Traveling staff physical therapist

Educational Development

Empowerment in Eight Weeks: Taking Charge of Urinary Incontinence DVD – author, speaker and editor for DVD, for sale on Amazon, 2006

Helped develop Obstetric Series of courses for Herman Wallace Pelvic Rehab Institute, set of 3 two day courses, 2012-2013

Currently participating in Allied Health Education Work Group for American Urogynecologic Society

Research performed: Published Biofeedback treatment for Urinary Incontinence, Women’s Section Journal, 1999

Founding member, steering committee, and guest lecturer for Pelvic Floor Sexual Medicine Healthcare Providers (PFSM).  Meetings quarterly in southern California from 2011 to present

Continuing Education  2000 -2014     (prior continuing education available upon request)

Treatment of Female Urinary Incontinence, Wahl and Associates, Los Gatos, CA, March 25-26, 2000, 14 hours

Instructor Training in Prenatal and Postpartum Exercise, Elizabeth Noble PT, Stanford, CA, Feb 19-21, 2000, 20 hours

Osteoporosis: A Comprehensive Treatment Strategy, Sara Meeks PT, Culver City, CA, August 5-6, 2000, 17 hours

Bone Densitometer Training Program for Non-Diagnostic screenings, Medica, Sept 2000, 8 hours

An Intermediate Course: Treatment for Pelvic Floor Dysfunction, Holly Herman PT, Pleasanton, CA, September 7-8, 2001, 16 hours

The Nuts and Bolts of Continence Therapy, Hollister, Libertyville, IL, October 11-12, 2003, 17 hours

Beyond Nuts and Bolts – Pelvic Floor Therapy Level Two, Hollister, Libertyville, IL, November 1-2, 2003, 17.2 hours

The Divine Secrets of the Wee Wee Sisters: Incontinence Evaluation and Treatment, California Education Connection, Los Angeles, CA, Sept 14, 2003, 6.75 hours

Female Pelvic Floor Function, Dysfunction and Treatment Level 2, Prometheus Group, Atlanta, GA, Nov 12-14, 2004, 20 hours

Pregnancy and Pilates, California Education Connection, Los Angeles, CA, April 17, 2004, 7 hours

Strength and Coordination Training of the PFM: Current Trends and New Technology for the Treatment of Men and Women, Beate Carriere, PT, Los Angeles, CA, September 18, 2004, 6.5 hours

Pregnancy and Postpartum: Clinical Highlights, Prometheus Group, San Diego, CA, Aug 7-8, 2004, 15 hours

Strain Counterstrain One for the Spine, Jones Institute, San Diego, CA, August 2005, 20 hours

Strain Counterstrain for Pelvic Pain, Jones Institute, El Segundo, CA, November 2005, 20 hours

Intergrating Orthopedic and Manual Therapy into Patient Care: Getting to the Bottom of the Pelvic Pain Puzzle, Women’s Health Section APTA, Portland, OR, Sept 30-Oct 2, 2005, 20  hours

Sacroiliac Joint Evaluation and Manual Therapy Treatment, Pelvic Rehab Institute, San Francisco, CA, August 26-27, 2006, 15 hours

PT Treatment for the Patient with Breast Cancer, R3 Programs, Leslie Waltke, PT, Torrance, CA, Sept 22-23, 2007

An Integrated Approach to Examination and Treatment of Pelvic Organ Prolapse, APTA Women’s Section, Boston, MA, Feb 14, 2007, 7.5 hours

Diagnosis and Treatment of Movement Impairments Associated with Musculoskeletal Pelvic Pain Syndromes, Herman Wallace, Boston, MA, Sept 26-28, 2008, 20 hours

PT’s Role in Understanding and Promoting Sexual Health, APTA Women’s Section, Nashville, TN, Feb 6, 2008, 7.5 hours

Pelvic Girdle and Pelvic Floor for the Physical Therapist, Prometheus Group. San Diego, CA, Jan 26-27, 2008, 14 hours

Looking Beyond the Pelvic Floor, APTA Women’s Section, Las Vegas, NV, Feb 8-9, 2009, 14 hours

Restoring Form and Function of the Abdominal Wall after Pregnancy, APTA Women’s Section, New Orleans, LA, Feb 8-9, 2011, 14 hours

Biomechanical Evaluation and Treatment Considerations for Patients with Pelvic Pain, International Pelvic Pain Society, October 23, 2011, Las Vegas, NV, 7 hours

Breathing and Postural Control – Applying Cardiopulmonary Strategies to Women’s Health Issues, APTA Women’s Section, Chicago, IL, Feb 7-8, 2012, 15 hours

Ethics and Jurisprudence- California PT, Innovative Educational Services, July 31, 2012, 2 hours

BLS for the Health Care Provider (CPR), California Education Connection, Torrance, CA, Oct 10,2012, 4 hours

Pudendal Neuralgia Assessment and Treatment, Herman Wallace, Oakland, CA, March 9-10, 2013, 14 hours

The Practical Application of Mental Imagery in Therapeutic Setting, APTA, San Diego, CA, Jan 20-12, 2013, 16 hours

Professional National Meetings Attended

World Congress Physical Therapy Conference (WCPT), Washington DC, June 1995

Combined Sections Meeting, APTA, San Diego, CA, Feb 2006

Combined Sections Meeting, APTA, Boston, MA, 2007

Combined Sections Meeting, APTA, Nashville, TN, Feb 2008

Combined Sections Meeting, APTA, Las Vegas, NV, Feb 2009

Combined Sections Meeting, APTA, San Diego, CA, Feb 2010

Combined Sections Meeting, APTA, New Orleans, LA, Feb 2011

American Urogynecological Society (AUGS) Annual Conference, Long Beach, CA, 2011

International Pelvic Pain Society Annual Fall Meeting, Las Vegas, NV, Oct 2011

Combined Sections Meeting, APTA, Chicago, IL, Feb 2012

Combined Sections Meeting, APTA, San Diego, CA, Jan 2013

Combined Sections Meeting, APTA, Las Vegas, NV, Feb 2014

Combined Sections Meeting, APTA, Indianapolis, Indiana, 2015

Combined Sections Meeting, APTA, Anaheim, CA, 2016

American Urogynecological Society (AUGS) National Conference (PFD Week), Seattle, WA, 2015