Christina Vivit, PT, DPT

Pronouns: she/her

Pelvic health is often overlooked as an integral piece of human functionality – for all genders and stages of life. Whether it’s decreasing one’s fall risk through addressing bladder behaviors affecting safety with mobility or restoring confidence through identifying patient-centered strategies to manage persistent pain, I welcome all who are seeking clarity, independence, and patient-centered management in their pelvic health journey.

I strive to provide individualized care to improve the health and functionality of those I serve as I strongly believe each patient possesses their own unique lens of healing. Through active listening and working together, I aim to empower my patients to achieve goals that are meaningful to them and sustainably live their best quality of life.

My passion for empowering individuals and eliminating taboo have also led me to involvement in community education and serving as the Principal Investigator in women’s and immigrant health research studies. I am a member of the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) and American Public Health Association (APHA) and have presented research at numerous national meetings including but not limited to the APHA Annual Meeting 2019, Association of Schools Advancing Health Professionals (ASAHP) 2018, Saint Louis University Health and Social Justice Conference 2018, and more. Furthermore, I serve on the Board of Directors for nonprofit organization, Vitendo4Africa, rooted in welcoming, connecting, and empowering immigrant families.

Outside of the clinic, I enjoy exploring new places, spending time with loved ones, being outside, dancing, and taking my time with my morning coffee.