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WAi Pilates offers classes on Balanced Body reformers in small group class setting.  Allowing for client focused cueing during exercise. 

Level 1: Beginners learn basic Pilates skills on the reformer, becoming familiar with the equipment while learning how to coordinate breath and movement.

Level 1.5: Clients with basic knowledge of Pilates movements on the reformer that are returning to exercise from injury or being on a break. Clients are expected to have a basic understanding of Pilates to join these classes.

Level 2: Clients have mastered the basic Pilates movement patterns on the reformer and are looking for challenging full body movements to increase core strength and flexibility.  We offer Reformer Jumpboard classes to improve cardiovascular endurance while targeting abdominals, legs and glutes.

Pre-natal Reformer: This class is targeted towards women in their 1st and 2nd trimesters of pregnancy who have been cleared by their MD to participate in group exercise.  Pilates movements with apparatus modifications to help women maintain strength, endurance and tone during pregnancy.

Post-partum Recovery: This class is targeted towards women that are 6-24 months postpartum to gain a basic understanding of Pilates movements.  Abdominal and pelvic floor strengthening to improve strength, endurance and flexibility to address diagnoses common with postpartum women; pelvic organ prolapse, Diastasis recti and stress incontinence.

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