• Jenni Gabelsberg, Physical Therapy Director

    Jenni Gabelsberg at desk
    I’ve always loved being a physical therapist and have enjoyed all my education and experience in the different aspects of the profession. When I discovered how physical therapy could dramatically improve problems like incontinence and pelvic pain, I found my true passion. To be able to make such a difference in the lives of my patients means so much to me.

    The conditions we treat are incredibly personal. Many patients find that talking openly to a compassionate care provider (and mother of three) about an intensely personal health concern is a big relief.

    We have dedicated ourselves to creating a welcoming place for you – among practitioners who understand how you feel. Here, there is always hope for resolving your problem and empowerment that allows you to take better control of your health for the future.

    In my spare time, I enjoy pilates, yoga, cycling, running and paddleboarding, as well as spending time with my family. I also am a head coach for the nonprofit foundation Girls on the Run, teaching girls in third through fifth grade.

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