Women’s Advantage Residency in Women’s and Pelvic Health

Women’s Advantage is pleased to announce the start of our new residency program. This program grew out of our successful clinical education and mentorship programs, and is currently the only residency program for Women’s Health available in Southern California. Our mission is to provide thorough and advanced education for residents in the physical therapy specialty of women’s and pelvic health, through mentorship, observation, research, didactic study, and patient care opportunities. Program graduates will possess the knowledge and skills to excel in clinical reasoning, clinical practice, value-centered teaching, and research. A graduate of the program will be an ongoing resource for the WAPT staff and the Southern California community at large.

Here is a little information about our program:

Program Length: The program is 12 months from October 1, 2020 – September 30, 2021

Program Hours: The program includes 1800 total hours, including both didactic education, clinical hours, and one on one mentorship. A minimum of 300 hours are spent on didactic education, with 1500 hours of clinical practice, including a minimum of 150 one to one mentoring hours.

Content: The program’s didactic curriculum is divided into 11 units of instruction, front-loaded toward the beginning of the program, and integrated with clinical experience, with an effort made to coordinate clinical experience with patients with conditions that are currently being covered in the didactic curriculum, to the extent possible. The 11 units are organized to build the foundations first and then enter more complex and rare diagnoses, and are presented in the following order: Anatomy, Bladder, Pelvic Organ Prolapse, Bowel, Pregnancy and Postpartum, Pain, Male anatomy, pathology. and treatment, Musculoskeletal women’s health, Gynecologic pathology, surgery, and menopause, Lymphedema, and Pediatric pelvic floor. There is also a strong research element that is integrated into the didactic units, as well as an independent capstone research study requirement.

Didactic Format: The didactic educational hours are provided through a mixture of in person labs and discussion, online education, and independent study. There are both written and practical assessments for each unit, as well as a final 100 question multiple choice exam. All questions are written in the style of the questions for the WCS examination. Our residency director is also an item writer for the WCS, so you can be sure you are getting questions and content that will prepare you well for that exam.

Clinical Experience: The residency is hosted by Women’s Advantage Men’s Optimal Health Physical Therapy, which is a thriving pelvic health clinic with three locations throughout Southern California’s South Bay/Long Beach area. Our clinic provides over 1000 patient visits per month, with a wide variety of diagnoses including the following: urinary incontinence, prolapse, constipation, fecal incontinence, pregnancy/postpartum, vulvodynia/vestibulitis, vaginismus/dyspareunia, post-cancer (bowel, bladder, prostate, breast, and gynecological cancers), post-surgical (hysterectomy, urological surgeries, prostatectomy, and other bowel or gynecological surgeries), endometriosis, interstitial cystitis, prostatitis, and a wide variety of other pelvic pain diagnoses.

Fees/Salary: There are no direct fees associated with the program. However, resident is compensated at 50% of a full-time therapist’s salary to account for the costs associated with providing the education, mentorship, and administration of the residency program.

Benefits: In addition to the salary provided to the resident, the resident receives the following benefits: 3 paid sick days, one week of paid vacation, health insurance benefits, and 6 paid holidays.

Application: The applications will be taken through RF-PTCAS, with a deadline of 8/31/2020. A decision will be made by mid-September at the latest. The RF-PTCAS system can be found here.

If you have any questions about the program or application process, please contact our Residency Director, Sarah Shimanek, DPT, WCS, PRPC at WAPTRESIDENCY@GMAIL.COM