• Our Director Interviewed by NPR on Urinary Incontinence and Physical Therapy treatments!

    Jenni GabelsbergOur Director, Jenni Johnson Gabelsberg, DPT, MSc, MTC, WCS, BCB-PMD, was recently interviewed by Lorraine Rapp and Linda Lowen, hostesses of the NPR radio show “Take Care”.  Dr Gabelsberg was asked to speak on the risk factors and physical therapy treatment strategies for Urinary Incontinence.  According to the International Continence Society, urinary incontinence is the number ONE reason that women are put into nursing homes!  And vaginal births are the number ONE risk factor for developing urinary incontinence .

    Urine leakage should NEVER be considered normal, although it is quite common for women to suffer with.  Due to the lifelong problems urinary incontinence can lead to, it should be addressed as soon as possible.  Physical therapy treatments can lead to 80-100% improvement in as little as 8-12 weeks. Here at Women’s Advantage / Men’s Optimal Health PT, we have multiple specialty trained pelvic rehab physical therapists who would love to assist you in resolving your bladder, bowel or prolapse concerns!  Call us to schedule an appointment for a full assessment and discussion on our recommended plan of care.

    If you are not a local to the South Bay of Los Angeles, then you can go to our website and click the link for our DVD that teaches all the exercises and behavioral treatments for incontinence as a first step.  If that does not resolve your concerns, you can find a pelvic PT by searching www.womenshealthapta.org for a PT near you!

    Take a listen to the 12 minute interview with our Director here:   http://wrvo.org/post/improving-urinary-incontinence-through-physical-therapy


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