Insurance Coverage

Insurance Plans:

At Women’s Advantage / Men’s Optimal Health Physical Therapy, we accept a wide variety of insurance plans.

We are in-network preferred providers for Blue Cross, Blue Shield and Medicare Insurances.

We are out-of-network providers for the remainder of all PPO insurances.

When a clinic is “out of net,” we still bill your insurance provider for you and accept their out of net payments, but your co-insurance payment maybe higher.

We also are contracted to evaluate and treat patients from the VA and THIPA and Axminster as well with specific physician request.

We do not accept or bill HMO insurances, but can determine a cash rate instead.

Call Us! We’re Here to Help

Please call us for more information regarding your specific insurance plan.  In some cases, we can help facilitate a single letter of agreement with your HMO insurance for treatment at our facility if that insurance does not offer access to physical therapists who are specialists in pelvic rehab.

To assist you in understanding your benefits, after you schedule an appointment for an evaluation, our staff will call your insurance prior to that visit to verify your specific physical therapy benefits.  Our staff will then call you to review those benefits. We understand how confusing insurances can be, and our billing staff will work with you to make sure that all of your questions are answered. Our most important concern is to determine a payment plan that you are comfortable with so you can focus on your treatment and working toward resolving your health concerns!

Direct Access:

Since January 2014, individuals in California can now come to a physical therapist for an evaluation and treatment without the previously required physician referral/prescription. Patients are then allowed 10 visits or 45 days of care before needing a signature from a physician (or other healthcare professional such as a CNP, CNM, PA, DC, etc.).  At that point, in order to continue treatment, we would need an approval.

In most cases of self referral to our specific clinic, we like to communicate with your health care provider at the start of care.  There are some conditions that we treat that could also be indicative of more serious medical complications, so we prefer to have an open line of communication with your health care team in case we find any “red flags” that need other diagnostic testing.  We are willing to contact your health care provider after your first visit to make sure everyone is in agreement with our plan of care.  Since Direct Access in California is relatively new, some health insurance plans still require a prescription before they pay for services.  This is something we will also screen when we call to verify your insurance benefits.