Kristin Phillips, PT, DPT, CLT-LANA

Kristin Phillips

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As is the case with many physical therapists, my interest was sparked after my own injury as a young athlete.  Because of this, when I entered PT school at the University of Pittsburgh, I knew I wanted to work with young athletes.  Or at least I thought I knew.  However, my first rotation in outpatient orthopedics, working with athletes young and old, quickly left me feeling like I didn’t quite belong.  I spent the next two years working diligently during my studies but never finding my niche.  For my last full-time internship of PT school, I was serendipitously placed in a women’s health position and this is where I realized my true passion.  Immediately following PT school, I further advanced my studies of women’s health by completing a 15-month residency program at the University of Pittsburgh’s Medical Center where I was trained in both lymphedema and pelvic health.

Caring for this unique population challenges me to be creative, innovative, and patient.  I am reminded every day to incorporate the entire person and not just the injury or dysfunction.  My goal is to empower others and give them the tools to overcome their barriers and maximize their potential.

From Kristin’s Patients:

I believe you have fixed me!!  I am back at the gym 2-3x/wk as before.  I can do the things now as well as I did before my injury. I was even able to do the “Conquer the Bridge run”, only……I walked!!  But, I am happy to say that I was able to walk without any pain, not even a twinge. Before I came to see you, that was the most painful thing for me to do.  It was the worst when I had to walk in, and again out of my treatments.  Now, I am back to myself.

What more could a patient ask for??

I want to thank you for taking such good care of me.  You are a compassionate and caring therapist.  You know how to take apart the knot that your patient gets tied up into.  You did a great job relieving my pain and putting me back on my feet.  I thank you and my family thanks you.

~ Rita

P.S.  I plan on sending anyone with a similar situation as mine to see you!!!