Eltheia Shiozaki, PT, BCB-PMD

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Looking back at my 27 years of clinical practice, I am filled with gratitude for every person that I have encountered who has helped me to grow as a physical therapist. This breadth of experience
has allowed me to build a strong foundation of knowledge and methods of treatment to help my patients achieve their individual goals.

It wasn’t until a colleague encouraged me to focus my studies on pelvic health that I found my true passion and motivation to learn. Women’s and Men’s Pelvic Health is a specialty that has allowed me to integrate my knowledge and have a multi-faceted approach that includes physiology and biomechanics for treatment of any musculoskeletal problem and help empower patients to learn ways to achieve their optimal health.

My recent study interests have included the Visceral Manipulation techniques developed from a gifted osteopathic physician, Jean Pierre Barral. His method focuses on listening to the body/tissues and letting the body speak; which helps to direct treatment. This has caused me to pause and look at each patient and allow their anatomy and physiology to speak to me and spurred me to listen not just to the body but to the whole person. My other great area of interest has been learning more about the influence of clinical nutrition on many of the bowel and bladder dysfunctions that we address as pelvic rehab specialists. So many of our patients come to us with chronic medical and physical issues and for complete healing to occur, all systems and parts of the body must be addressed. Having the privilege of attending excellent courses dealing with coccyx pain, pudendal neuralgia, advanced bowel /pelvic floor dysfunction and oncology has only added more depth and dimension to my approach when working with patients.

Every patient who comes to our clinic has a unique and personal story. My hope and mission is that they will entrust their care to me, provide the compassionate care that they deserve and help educate them on how they can achieve their optimal level of function.

From Eltheia’s Patients:

I was diagnosed with acute prostatitis type 3 with severe pelvic pain issues. I spent 5 months in pain almost every waking hour.  I tried everything from acupuncture, to multiple jacuzzis every day, to stretching.  You name it.  The pain was debilitating.  I could not go to work, and there were no predictable measures that made the pain worse or better.  If I worked out, within an hour of being done the pain would start.  If I didn’t work out, within an hour of waking up the pain would start.  Sitting anywhere was a problem, but sitting in the car was the worst for me.  Some days I could not drive at all without the pain escalating to an unbearable place.  And if I did figure out how to endure the pain I would have to drive while sitting sideways just to make it possible.  I looked ridiculous squirming around, and it was greatly affecting my mood too.

Let me make it clear. I under no circumstances wanted to go to PT for this problem.  The unknown about the treatment and how embarrassed I felt was a mountain I was not willing to climb, yet I sat at home every day in pain.  Finally after I had deleted several voicemail messages from the clinic, my wife picked up my phone one day not knowing I had been ignoring the calls.  She made an appointment for the following morning, and forced me to go. (Picture her dragging me by my ear like my mother use to do as a kid.) I can only thank her every day for the relief I got.  Was it hard to go at first?  Yes.  Was it worth it?  A thousand yes’s!  If you are in pain (and I am guessing if you are reading this you are), don’t walk… RUN to see Eltheia and let her fix you like she did me.  Almost 6 months of constant pain was gone within weeks.  She is Houdini.  Trust her, trust the process, and get rid of your pain now before it gets worse.

~ JD Roth (creator of “The Biggest Loser”!)